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Welcome to Property Management Brainstorm

Property Management Brainstorm is a property management consulting and strategic planning company dedicated to the rapidly evolving Property Management Industry. Our property manager consulting, coaching, and mentor services cater to traditional property management and innovative PropTech companies seeking property management industry guidance and growth opportunities. In addition to being a property management industry expert, our Lead Consultant, Bob Preston, is a seasoned Silicon Valley technology executive, previously serving as Chief Marketing Officer at two publicly traded technology companies.

As property management business coaches and mentors, we collaborate closely with your team, navigating the technology-driven property management landscape to provide operational insights and facilitate the seamless implementation of new programs. Whether expanding property management operations or scaling PropTech ventures, our finely-tuned consulting, coaching, and mentoring services drive growth, recurring revenue, and a strong presence in both spheres.

  • 22 Years Experience
  • 28 PM Company
    Locations Advised
  • 12 Number of Doors Advised
  • 128 Staff Members
Why Hire Us

Why Hire Us?

Marketing and Positioning

Marketing and positioning play crucial roles in property management, allowing companies to attract clients and build a strong brand presence. The team at Property Management Brainstorm brings a Silicon Valley level of marketing expertise to our consulting relationships to identify your target market, differentiate your property management services, determine pricing levels, write your online content, and implement SEO strategies.

Expertise and Experience

Years of experience in the property management industry have enabled the team at Property Management Brainstorm to provide consulting, coaching, and mentoring on many business scenarios. We have extensive knowledge and a tremendous understanding of market trends, regulations, and best practices. Our expertise will offer valuable market insights and guidance, helping you make informed decisions and navigate challenges effectively.

Network and Resources

Bob Preston and the Property Management Brainstorm team have extensive networks and access to valuable resources that can benefit your property management company. They can connect you with the right technology stack, potential partners, or other valuable contacts.

Maximizing Fees and Portfolio Value

We can suggest improvements and strategies to maximize fees and enhance the value of your property portfolio. Whether it's increasing rates, implementing new ancillary programs, or identifying cost-saving measures, our insights will lead to increased profitability for your company.

Budgeting and Forecasting

Budgeting and forecasting is one of the most important steps on the way to consistent profitability for your property management business. We work with you to create a financial plan within the framework of the NARPM Accounting Standards. This provides a basis for standardizing, analyzing, and understanding your financial performance compared to others property management industry.

Planning and Strategy

We will help you set clear and achievable goals for your property management company. We can also assist in developing a strategic plan to reach those goals effectively, helping you stay focused and on track toward your corporate development.

Problem Solving and Decision Making

Bob Preston and the team at Property Management Brainstorm will help you face challenges and make complex decisions. We work with our clients to analyze their business situations, focus on core issues, explore different options, and make informed choices.

Objective Perspective

Property Management Brainstorm provides an outside perspective on your company, which can be crucial for identifying blind spots, inefficiencies, and areas for improvement. They will offer unbiased feedback and constructive input that might be challenging to get from within your organization.

Succession and Acquisition

If you plan to sell your property or make significant changes to your real estate portfolio, a consultant can assist you in creating a well-thought-out exit strategy to maximize your returns.

Risk Mitigation

The Property Management Brainstorm team are well-versed in legal and regulatory matters related to property management. We will ensure that your property operations comply with local laws, reducing the risk of legal disputes and penalties.

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